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BLUSUN: Comfort as an experience.

Comfort as an experience.

So soft. So flexible. So long-lasting.

Cool and healthy.

The time for compromise is over: our barefoot shoes look great and allow you to move more naturally and healthily. This means you can also benefit from the advantages of barefoot running in everyday life.

Space for health.

Discover the benefits of barefoot shoes.

Natural foot movement

Barefoot shoes allow the feet to move as nature intended. This promotes healthy foot mechanics and can lead to improved posture and balance.

Strengthening the foot muscles

Wearing barefoot shoes puts more strain on the muscles in your feet than wearing conventional shoes. This can lead to stronger and healthier feet.


The direct feedback from the ground through the thin soles of the barefoot shoes improves body awareness and proprioceptive perception, which in turn can improve coordination.

Prevention of injuries

By preventing overpronation and other unfavorable movement patterns, barefoot shoes can help to prevent injuries.

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Every footprint counts.

The production of shoes is always the consumption of resources. We work however on, the impact on the planet through various measures as low as possible keep – and to improve step by step.

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